How I Got Started


In March 1999 I got my first Siamese as a gift from my boyfriend - I was just gonna get a pet cat....

I wanted a sealpoint female, but they were rare at the time.


After a long search I finally found one at Kis Østerby’s (prefix Klingeskov).


When I went to pick up the kitten, Kis tells me that it is a very nice kitten and if I want to, I ought to try getting a litter of kittens.

Naturally; I thought a lot about it. I thoroughly looked up information about all aspects of breeding (I very rarely do things half-heartedly).


Meanwhile I enter a show and the kitten gets a good judgment and a nomination!


I am sure everybody knows that things rarely go according to plan when it comes to breeding, and of course - neither did it for me.

Unfortunately it turned out that Stira was unable to have kittens, so naturally she was neutered.


The search for a new female for breeding began - but in the meantime I had become very picky.

I wanted to find a beautiful female breeding queen with just as good lines as Stira.

It took me a year and a half to find the cat and the pedigree I wanted!

My new female queen is going to lay the ground for my future breeding so it was important for me

that the pedigree had the things I find crucial for my breeding.


In March 2002, I bought PR GIC S*Lycky-Love’s Madonna SIA n from Ann-Marie Aijmer in Sweden,

and I got the basis I was looking for!


Madonna got four wonderful litters before she was neutered.

I kept two breeding queens from her: PR EC Elegantia’s Shadow Bel’canto SIA a and

Elegantia’s Luna Danica SIA n.


Unfortunately Shadow was not able to get any kittens therefore she is also neutered and enjoys as her mother

the life together with Luna and me.


I now hope that Luna will contribute with the next generation of Elegantia cats.


 What Breeding is to Me


To breed is to me not just putting a female and a male together


     -     it is trying to make the cat of our dreams!


So far I have not met the perfect Siamese, but I have met a few that made me weak at the knees - none mentioned, none forgotten!


The Siamese of my dreams is harmonic, slender and ELEGANT (hence my prefix Elegantia - the Latin word for elegance) and

has one hell of a Siamese look.

The ears should be huge and placed low, but they should be in balance whit the rest of the head.


BUT by far the most important thing is HEALTH and TEMPER, because it is no fun having a beautiful cat

you either cannot handle or that is chronically ill.


That is why health and temper comes before anything else in my breeding!


Now people are tearing their hair....


I would like to breed Siamese with "pure" Siamese lines! To me the Siamese is a breed in its own right and not just a name for the pattern.

It should be mentioned that most people I know do not share my view on this.


In Denmark it is allowed to mix Oriental Shorthair and Siamese.

On the other hand it is my opinion that it is no easier to breed pretty Siamese with mixed pedigrees than with "pure" Siamese lines.


I am not oblivious to the fact that in the future I may have to compromise if I want to breed - but hopefully it would not be necessary.


That is my opinion, but I do not make up my mind about the cats I meet based on their pedigree,

unless I am looking for a breeding cat - to me what counts is that the cat is beautiful and has the Siamese look.


Point to remember


I would like to thank the people who have helped me on my way; sold me kittens, matings and shared their knowledge about cats!


No one can breed on their own! Just take a look at a pedigree of a Siamese you like

and no matter if it is just a pet or a super show cat - many people have spent their time and money on the lovely cat.


It is amazing to be a part of that, even if it is only on a small scale!




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